Glow in 5 minutes - Beaute pacifique

Glow in 5 minutes - Beaute pacifique

Never feel limited. While the borders of Australia may be firmly closed, European skincare is still firmly within reach.

Europe has always held a fascinating allure and long list of celebrity ambassadors who swear by natural cosmetics and local skincare brands as the reason for their glowing complexiodns.

The Danish people are known for their excellent beauty genetics and supermodel ambassadors. Victoria Secret Angel and Danish supermodel Josephine Skriver is no exception. Her perfect skin and an all-natural ethos led me to discovering the internationally renowned cult skincare label Beaute Pacifique.

I became determined to test the brands claims to rejuvenate skin and reduce the process of age-related skin degeneration using a blend of technology and targeted serums.

Proactive and scientific, the philosophy behind Beaute Pacifique is science first and products second. Skin technicians use a revolutionary ultrasound skin scanner to assess the condition of your skin and identify sun damage invisible to the naked eye. The DermaScan machine provides an instant snapshot into the current state of your skin and its support structures up to a 7mm depth. Allowing for a targeted approach that identifies the strength of your current collagen stores and elastin fibers that prevent future wrinkles.

The best wrinkle is the one you never get. Scientifically backed and filled with antioxidants, the ingredients in the products are designed to increase your natural building blocks to prevent the appearance of fine lines.

If redness and uneven pigmentation are driving you to despair, then fret no more. The Superfruit Skin Enforcement range is designed for younger skin and safe to be used in conjunction with other cosmetic laser treatments.

Perhaps the best part of this exclusive range of skincare products is it is evidenced based. Skin technicians will assess your skin at the start of treatment and provide repeat scans at regular intervals to evaluate your ongoing progress and ensure optimal product recommendations.

Stay one step ahead of the lockdown and start your new skin care regime today.

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