Marine Collagen – Everything you NEED to know

Marine Collagen – Everything you NEED to know

As our scientific knowledge of skin care continues to advance, our beauty routines do too. More and more, it is being revealed that the basis of good skin lies in what you choose to consume.

Life gets busy and sometimes you just want all your health and skincare needs taken care of with one swallow. That is where marine collagen comes in. This sea-based protein is highly bioavailable and readily accepted by the body as a source of protein, antioxidants, and amino acids.

ANC Collagen plus Minerals are designed to rebuild your skin by providing your body with the essential collagen building blocks in their raw form. So that your body can readily absorb the marine collagen boost and put the minerals to work. Working to reduce the development of future wrinkles and bring back that taut elasticity to your face, with every sip.

Key ingredients that make the ANC Minerals plus Collagen powder stand out from the crowd include use of beauty superfood acerola cherry.  Also known as the Barbados berry, this fruit packs a punch with up to sixty-five times more vitamin C than oranges.

The simple and powerful ingredient list makes it hard to go past. Free from gluten, dairy, and sugar it only includes the select ingredients you need to deliver results.

Choose either the flavourless Marine COLLAGEN plus Minerals powder in light blue or the more adventurous Cranberry flavour.

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