Winter Candy Land

Winter Candy Land

Get gorgeous and use all the colours of the rainbow to make your eyes pop and your skin glow.

This month with the cold weather starting to set in, I have been drawn to warm fleece jumpers and ‘pick me up’ makeup looks to get me through the endless days in social isolation.

I am sure you can all relate, what’s the point of getting all dressed up with nowhere to go?

Pretend like your bathroom is the next catwalk destination for the hottest makeup looks and start playing around with the Erez Perez jojoba eye pencils. Not only do they come in a multitude of different colours, they are also certified cruelty free and made in Italy. So while you can’t travel to Europe just yet, your makeup bag can!

Gentle on your eyes and suitable for sensitive skin, these eye pencil have even been suggested to as a remedy to help lash growth.  They key ingredients for these pencils is the clever combination of coconut oil and infused with jojoba. Creating a smooth, creamy texture that glides on over the delicate skin of your eyes, is easy to apply and lasts all day.

If eyes are the windows to our soul, then eyeliner is the frame that draws attention and makes it all worthwhile.

The one feature everyone always wants to play up is their eyes. Whether they are a stunning blue, gorgeous hazel or dreamy green, there is the perfect colour out there to suit you.

Green Eyes:

Make your eyes look more golden green, bright and alive by using a subtle smudge of eyeliner to highlight the yellow fleck’s in your iris’s and bring them to life.

Pro pick:  Go for Gold and choose the Erez Perez ‘Gold’ shade.

For a night time look choose between ‘Agate’ (purple) or ‘Forest’ (dark smokey green).

Blue Eyes:

Enhance your baby blues with soft gold tones. According to the principals of colour theory, placing blue next to a soft orange will enhance the primary colour (blue) and make your eyes pop. Try it – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Pro pick:  Choose between the Erez Perez colours ‘Clay’ or go bold with ‘Bronze.’  Or play it safe and use the muted tones of Opal to bring your blues to life.

Hazel Eyes:

One of the most versatile eye colours of them all, for those with hazel eyes take your pick of shades and know your deep coloured eyes are strong enough to carry them off.

Pro pick:  Choose from warm earthy tones such as ‘Copper’ and ‘Bronze.’  Or mix it up and keep everyone guessing as you choose between ‘Forest’ (Smokey Grey/Green) or the more subtle choice of ‘Stone’ (muted purple).  

 Got a different colour selection? Share it in the comments below!

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