Cold-Pressed Oil: What it Means and Why You Need It

Cold-Pressed Oil: What it Means and Why You Need It

Not all argan oils are created equally. Accessing the nutrient-rich oil inside of Moroccan argan tree kernels requires processing and there are several common methods. Some manufacturers use poisonous chemical solvents paired with high heat or hot mechanical presses that quickly squeeze oil out. These methods are dangerous for human consumption and diminish the oil’s natural healing power.

Cold-pressed pure Argan oil, on the other hand, is produced by gently grinding, stirring, and pressurizing the kernels at a consistent low temperature. The chemical-free process safeguards the oil’s true taste, color, and nutritional value so that you can enjoy the full conditioning and moisturizing benefits.

Silk of Morocco lip glosses are exclusively made with organic argan oil, which is cold-pressed in Australia and infused with healing vitamin E.


Photo Credits:

Model: Paris Younger

Photographer: Becca Fitzgerald

Makeup: Amy Louise

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