Top 3 Moisturizers for 2017

Top 3 Moisturizers for 2017

Moisturizers are officially at the top of my ‘never skip’ skincare list! With color correcting pigments, anti-aging botanicals, and balanced formulas that never clog pores, modern moisturizers do so much more than just primp and pamper. That also means that the market is bursting with amazing claims and confident competition. Lotions, ointments, mists, creams, gels, serums – how do you know what to buy?

It wasn’t easy, but I picked out my favorite top 3 organic moisturizers for 2017 so that you can achieve supple, soft skin without wondering what really works:

  1. Sukin Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream

This intensive, hydrating moisturizer has a silky cream texture and a balanced natural scent that lasts all day. Pomegranate and rosehip oil fight premature aging and signs of sun damage for youthful, radiant skin.

  1. Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar

It only takes a few drops to see a difference. The rich, revitalizing oil blend combines nourishing botanicals that sink in to smooth under the surface and provide a fresh, dewy glow.

  1. Edible Beauty No. 4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion

Plump up and firm your skin beneath the surface. This lightweight moisturizer features multiple active ingredients for a do-it-all formula and you’ll love the light, luscious vanilla scent.

Moisture is the key to a youthful glow. With these top three products, radiance is just a swipe, drop, or pump away. Like always, these recommendations are responsibly sourced and crafted with premium organic botanicals.


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