The Secret To Great Looking Brows

The Secret To Great Looking Brows

The Secret To Great Looking Brows


It’s official. Brows are in. The thicker the better.

With celebrities like Cara Delevigne and Lilly Collins sporting full and natural brows I wouldn’t blame you if you were experiencing some brow envy.


Well-groomed brows frame the eyes and highlight your best features.


In fact, strong brows can make you look put-together on a makeup free day.


Learn how to master the most important feature of your face with my easy to follow step-by-step tutorial below!


Step 1:  Brush brows upwards with a brow-brush to define your natural brow shape.

This lets you identify any gaps or sparse areas that need filling.


Step 2.   The key to natural looking brows is choosing a colour that is one to two shades lighter than your natural brow hair.


A soft muted colour will blend in with your eyebrows and fill in the gaps without calling attention to itself.

My personal favourite brow pencil is the Erez Perez Organic Natural Almond Brow Pencil as it glides on smoothly and gives subtle hint of colour that suits almost every brow type.


Step 3: Take your pencil or angled brush and make short fine strokes to fill in any gaps.


Finishing Touches: Once you’ve filled the gaps brush your brows gently with the brow brush to soften any hard lines.


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