The New Must Haves for Lips

The New Must Haves for Lips

The New Must Haves for Lips

Pucker up, but don’t pout! With stunning colors, luxurious ingredients, and certified organic formulas, our must-have lipstick and lip gloss list this season is full of reasons to smile. Whether you’re going full glam or styling a fresh, clean face, these cruelty-free, all-natural, eco-friendly lip colors are fashionable and fun.

Bio Extreme Lipgloss

The Bio Extreme Lipgloss is available in several colors ranging from a bold candy apple red to subtle nude and colorless gloss. Behind the color (or lack thereof) is a certified organic formula that hydrates with coconut oil, soothes with organic aloe, and plumps naturally. Swipe it on liberally to treat your lips to a hydrating, plumping treatment that doubles as your easiest makeup application yet. Skip the complicated routines and go simple with gloss for a little color and nonchalant shine.

Inika Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick

Lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting! Play up your natural beauty with a luxurious nude pink that has a hint of cheery brightness under the creamy, matte surface. Inika lipsticks are certified organic and vegan, so that everyone can wear their favorite pop of preppy, pretty color.

Nudus Organic Lipstick

Can a swipe of lipstick turn your life into a fairy tale? According to Nudus Lipstick, it can! This phenomenal lipstick delivers a warm, vibrant orangey pink hue and doesn’t skimp out on nourishing and hydrating extras for your lips. Antioxidants and six vitamins in every swipe? Yes please! Pair your naked face with a bright pop of color that is also cruelty-free and all-natural.

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