It's All About Lashes

It's All About Lashes

It’s All About Lashes


Beautifully applied makeup would not be complete without curled lashes and smudge proof mascara.


Mascara is one of my favourite beauty products because it suits everyone and adds definition to your eyes quickly and easily.


The only problem is that some brands of mascara leave you with cakey or clumpy lashes. If you are after a natural look, poor quality mascara won’t get the job done.


For a professional makeup look, I love RMS MASCARA. One coat makes your lashes appear longer instantly, won’t smudge or clump, and lasts until you wash it off.

Given the hot and humid weather we get during Australian summers – that’s quite an achievement!


Pro tip: Make one coat go further by wiggling the wand at the base of the lashes slightly and then pull upwards as you apply.

  1. Hi there! Any suggestions for an organic waterproof mascara? Thank you! xx

    1. Sure thing! My other go to organic mascaras is Ere Perez Black Natural Almond Oil Mascara. xx

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